Saturday, August 13, 2011

Goodness, another update.. well about time, enjoy! (8/13/11)

An update, I just made something of my character, but.. I'm not liking the background, I might redo it..

Fanart my favorite game from my favorite person

On top of the hills

Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Updates for August..

It's usually weekly but things came up, so here's some new arts

New Maxy and Sherrian



Two arts

Guess who these two are

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My first arts

Hey guys, this is the first time I got an art blog, I'll be updating this constantly! So um I have many things for you, considering this IS my first visit, I'll have all my art collections I worked on up to now here, well um enjoy!

Get ready

私 は やまと です。 どうぞようろしく。

Hi there, I'm Yamato, nice to meet you.

Hi guys, some of you know me as Yamato from competetive Battling, Ayato in PHO (Sorry sometimes I'm too rude hahah) and Jason in real life or Facebook.
I study Music as well as drawing and I sure hope it's not as bad as I think it is.. Brass instruments are hard hahah. Apart from studying Music and other fun stuff, I'm currently studying for my SAT's and other things.. I aim to have AP classes and currently an overachiever. I hope that doesn't go.. I like trying lol.

I used to draw badly, until I shut my mouth, learned how to draw, and started actually trying.

Without furthur ado, let's begin!

Now to Actual Art (Warning Furries)

Winterville ; )

Does this look like me?

Springtime in Spring Village (one of my personal best ^ ^)

Harusawa's family

The backround looks bad in the battlefield (Battle Frontier)..

Hopefully I can script that (HELP!)

Still working on some of the Actual art. So guys, what do you think of it? ^ ^

Karate and Kendo My Yang (The Way of the swordsman and the empty hands, My Ying)

and this
Heaven? Augh I need a better name for this (..I'm inspired)

My Party (Good things come in all fours)

All of these Arts are scratch unless otherwise noted

Pixel Art
I know how everyone loves Pixels! I'll show you guys the new ones since the old ones I don't really like

Old screenshot.. eugh..

I really didn't like the backsprite

Not Public.. but lol
Woetch Front Sprite (Woe+Witch)

Woetch Back Sprite (Woe+Witch)

The OW's are fixed, the head's not so circular, it looks real-er
Richard (Ayato/Itachi/Purple/Rainbow)'s OW's

Sherrian (Harusawa)'s OW

Kathy (Ayako/Ai/Violet)'s OW

Maxy's OW

Kathy (Ayako/Ai/Violet)'s Battle sprite

Richard (Ayato/Itachi/Purple/Rainbow)'s Battle Sprite

Hast (Hats anagram, yeah original..)

Hast (Hats anagram) back sprite

Kathy's mugshot (I might or might not change this.. my character's appearance changed a lot since then so..)

Still replacing this, it doesn't look like the art..

Polariciu (Polaris+ice+[Pun]/)

Polariciu's back (ポラライシュ)

Mellowitch/Melloking (Help out for the name witch /shot one I should /smack pick? /hammer, okay fine I won't make that pun)


Other notes (Cross out means accomplished)

OW's are being changed so it doesn't look circular! Please wait
Drawing! There will be an update for all of you guys, thanks. (7/16/11)

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Hope you enjoy the art here :)